Philantrophy — going to Africa to visit a children’s orphanage

Greetings everyone,

Charities and “helping thy neighbor” is something many people are thinking of as we grow. Philantrophy is no longer a thing for the rich, but for all of us. My family donates time and financial support to many organizations that are meaningful to us locally  — within Canada and our city of Calgary. We even donate our time to friends and family that are in need. One such case was a co-worker who had to deal with “cancer” with one of his kids. Another example is when Calgary, and more specifically High River (a city about 45 mins south of Calgary), was devastated by floods not seen for over 100 years. We all find different ways of caring for others.

As we all look to better the community around us, this October, my wife and I have an opportunity to join my employer in travelling to Uganda to visit and donate our time and resources to supporting children in need. The organization we are visiting is called Watoto ( We will be helping to build the second floor of a brand new boys’ school dorm in the Suubi village (in the suburbs of Kampala). By being part of this fundraising initiative we are directly affecting the lives of children and women in Uganda, giving them a hope and the means to a promising future. We are effectively expanding our “community” internationally!

pic 5

If you are interested in learning more about this foundation in Uganda, please click on the link above.

If you are interested in contributing to this cause, please Click here to donate (or go to the following website at You will be directed to the secure donation website and tax receipts will be given directly to the donor.

Feel free to check it out!

pic 2

Best regards and stay tuned for my next leadership blog coming in the next few days,



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