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Hello all,

Well, many of people have been approaching me to get my thoughts on various technology trends or issues. Let me first start by saying that this blog will be “Business Technology” focused. There are much smarter people than I when it comes to technical technology blogs.

Recently, some of the more common questions that I get asked are:

  • What do I think of Window 8?
  • I’m ready for a tablet, what do you recommend?
  • Tell me about the Cloud offerings and how it can help my business?
  • Are cloud solutions safe?
  • What kind of hardware should I buy? Apple, Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo, or custom made?
  • How do I manage people bringing in their own personal devices to work?
  • What does borderless enterprise mean?
  • Should I buy an iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Microsoft phone?
  • …. Trust me…. This list is just the start

Since technology changes so fast and the industry is going through some significant evolutions this year, I will strive to write blogs more frequently (perhaps weekly) on Business Technology and keep Leadership topics on a monthly frequency.

So let’s start with an overview.

Whether you are a small or large business or even a home user/consumer, the use of technology and the issues around it are very similar. It’s just the scale and complexity of things that change. Based off a study was commissioned by SIM – a national organization of chief information officers — which involved in-depth surveys of about 250 CIOs and senior IT leaders, the top 10 IMIT concerns for companies in 2012 are:

  1. Business productivity and cost reduction
  2. IT and business alignment
  3. Business agility and speed to market
  4. Business process re-engineering
  5. IT cost reduction
  6. IT reliability and efficiency
  7. IT strategic planning
  8. Revenue generating IT innovations
  9. Security and privacy
  10. CIO leadership role

IT organizations need to start working with PEOPLE and not just TECHNOLOGY. In the 90’s and early 2000’s,  IT techs would put forward new solutions with new technology — having little concern about how things work together. In this decade, we will see that companies and people with that mindset will be replaced with people that focus on how things work together — this includes technology but more importantly the human workflow component. Information Technology will transform into Information Management!

My 90’s view of technology was that it was an “enabler of the business”. My view today is that PEOPLE need to be a “broker of services” through effective use of technology and social dynamics (fancy way of saying workflow).

Over the coming weeks, I’ll attempt to provide some insight on how this all works together through a series of tactical thoughts that are relevant today.

Stay tuned and have a great day!
– Andy


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