Communication is more… It’s about better connecting

Hello everyone.

I trust that everyone has had a great summer so far. I can’t believe that it’s already August 31. We’ve had people in our ESW family get engaged, married, and even multiply this year and I can say (from personal experience) that that makes everything we do worthwhile.

As the people leader for the company’s business development, I have a personal goal of BETTER CONNECTING with people. This is much deeper to me than just communicating — I realized a few years ago that communication without connecting is just NOISE.

SO with that, my intent is here is to better connect with more people in and outside our ESW family that I don’t normally see on a regular basis. I REALIZED that many people are not reading the book summaries that I have posted internally. I know we are all very busy but TRUST me these are short reads (typically 3-5 pages) and provide some insights that each and every one of us can use immediately in our lives.

I am recommending 2 summaries to ready. For those at ESW, you can download them on our internal portal.

  1. Executive Edge: Set a Goal and go for it: Whether it is buying that new car, dealing with a client project, or just doing something good for your soul. This is can help us all be more productive and perhaps keep some of the stress in our lives at bay.
  2. Executive Edge: How to see Transparancy:  I have personally realized that the more people know why I’m thinking about things — the better they can help support me in getting there. Many of us may not even know we are not being transparent in our day-to-day lives. Once we begin mastery of this skill, we will all be better people leaders and better spouses. Although I don’t have any authority to do so, I would strongly recommend that this is a MANDATORY read for all our people leaders. Key message: Transparency builds trust and support.

I hope you all have a great month of September and my intent is to send something like this out every month. If you have any suggestion on topics for my “rant” please let me know. I hope you see value in this and I’m open to ANY other suggestions you may have that can help me connect with all of you.

Have an awesome day and make a difference!

Leadership Quote of the Month: “Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.” -Albert Einstein


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